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Bohr Instrument Services

Bohr Instrument Services is a provider of (explosion-proof) DRILL-PRO "Total drilling Information Systems" to ensure safe and efficient drilling operations, capture, log and maintain your rig drilling data to maximise efficiency.

Bohr Instrument Services B.V. (Veenoord, The Netherlands) established in 1985, provides a wide range of services to the oil and gas industry. Repair, calibration and certification services of pressure recorders and gauges , installation and maintenance of drilling instrumentation, such as, sensors, transducers, data acquisition systems and other drilling instrumentation used in the gas and oil industry.

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Calibration & certification of all types of pressure gauges and recorders.
Fully equiped offshore-container. Onsite calibration and certification on demand.
- MDTotco
- Wagner

Rental Systems

Rental/Purchase Systems
All drilling related products

24 hours (field) service, worldwide

24 hours (field) service, worldwide

Project/Customized Scada Applications

Project/Customized Scada Applications
- Automatic Triptank System
- Ballast Control Systems
- Silo Measurement Systems