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AWC-PRO  "Anchor Winch Monitoring System"

A rugged, reliable system for monitoring a vessel’s anchoring system.
Parameters monitored include:
 –    Line tension
 –    Direction  of line movement
 –    Payout/Reel in  speed
 –    Maximum tension
 –    Minimum tension
Both local and central control room displays are included and the system has full recording and playback capabilities. Alarms can be set on relevant parameters.
As winch configurations vary Bohr do provide various options for monitoring the critical parameters.
AWC-PRO menu 2400x
The display above is a typical layout for a control and monitoring system that would  be located in the ballast control room or on the bridge. Audio visual alarms can be set and the display gives a  continual overview of the status of the  system. The historical record can be easily recalled and displayed in a digital or graphical format.
The screens can be tailored to customer’s requirements

Typical AWC-PRO hardware:
– Loadpins (Tensio)
– Running line tensiometers (Tension&payout)
– Encoders & Proximity switches (Payout)
– Monitors
AWC-PRO hardware