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CAM-PRO  "Ex IP CCTV/Camera Control Systems"  "Crane Boomtip Camera System"

For monitoring and save guarding of processes and installations in hazardous and non-hazardous areas, the CAM-PRO IP CCTV system of Bohr is the right solution. With our Ex and non-Ex cameras, you have a continuous view of the whole area incl. those places which are hard to reach or are not directly visible.

The Bohr CAM-PRO  system is an IP network CCTV system and consists of high quality fixed and zoom cameras, pan & tilt units, monitor(s) and video management equipment (potentially with network video recorder).

It is very easy to operate the system and can be extended to an advanced warning system. Because of the IP structure, the system is simple to extend with extra
cameras and monitors. Cabling is much less compared to traditional systems, because of the use of group cabinets.
Each group cabinet consists of a number of cameras. These group cabinets are connected to the main cabinet via a fibre optic cable, the so-called backbone.
Next to the advantage of less cabling a fibre optic cable is insensitive to EMCradiation, which guarantees a trouble free video transfer independent of the location.
The Bohr CAM-PRO  IP CCTV system can be a basic setup with a few cameras and monitor stations up to a custom build design with 70 or more camera stations.


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