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GAS-PRO  "Total-gas Detection Systems" in mud or ambient

The Gas-Pro stand-alone gas detector is designed to measure gases in mud on drilling rigs, it is a detector and not an analyser. The detector measures all burnable gasses with Pellistor cells, the cells are calibrated with methane. Also hydrogen sulphide is measured with a thin film metal oxide semiconductor (TFMOS) sensor, the sensor is designed to measure and display concentrations of H2S in the 0-100 ppm range, but will continue to display concentrations up to 120% FSD.
The total Gas-Pro gas detection system consists of an agitator, sample suction circuit, gas detector and an optional alarm unit.
The agitator is an air-driven mixer to separate the gas from the mud.
Sample circuit
The sample circuit is used to transport (vacuum pump) the samples from the agitator to the detector. In the suction circuit the samples are conditioned, dewatered, dried and filtered, and a stable constant flow is created by flow reducers. The vacuum pumps, filters and flow reducers are installed in the detector.
Gas detector
In the gas detector the samples are divided in two flows; one for the combustible sensors and one for the hydrogen sulphide sensor. The sensor signals are amplified and connected to a little PLC. In the PLC the signals are calibrated, temperature compensated and linearized. The PLC generates the alarms, analogue outputs and the serial output. A touch display in the front is used to display the readings, change settings and test alarms and outputs.
Optional alarm unit
An optional alarm unit (one or more) can be installed to generate a visual and audible alarm when gas readings exceed the adjustable alarm values.
–    The GAS-PRO stand-alone gas in mud detector is especially designed to detect gas on drilling rigs
–    Measurement of hydrocarbon from 0 to 1.000.000 ppm, calibrated in methane
–    Measurement of hydrogen sulphide from 0 to 100 ppm
–    All combustible gasses are detected, readings cross-sensitive to methane
–    Stand-alone gas detection
–    Alarm outputs for burnable and toxic gas, relay contacts
–    Analogue outputs for gas readings, 2×4..20mA
–    Serial output in WITS-format, RS232
–    Adjustable settings for alarm values
–    Manual or auto reset
–    Calibration of sensors possible
–    Local or remote sensors possible
–    Integration in any data acquisition or mudloggingsystem
All parts in zones ATEX certified, detector to be placed in non-Ex zone

GAS-PRO system layout  INFO

GAS-PRO  "Total-gas Detection Systems" in mud or ambient  PDF

– Total-Gas enclosure mounted in Zone 1 area, ATEX certified.
– Agitator in flowline
– Alarmbar on mudtanks
– Atex paperless recorder
GAS-PRO Total 2
– Non Ex Total-Gas detector measuring in mud, safe area.
Non Ex GP